What We're About

Ghanta Hotels is a mobile application, available for Android, that enables people to book flexible-length at your nearby hotels hourly and by the minute.

Booking hotels while you visit a new city is no more a choice, rather a necessity at times. A decent hotel room surely adds to the memories of a place you visit. However, when it comes to paying the bills at the end, most of us feel ourselves bounded to a convectional system of check-in and check-out. Despite using the room just for hours, we end up paying for a complete check-in check-out cycle.
This prevalent issue, being one of the most common ones faced by almost all of us, grabbed the attention of one of our co-founders which soon was addressed with a whole new concept of on-demand services. Just like we book cabs, as and when we need, now we can book rooms as and when required. Yeah! This might sound unrealistic to you, but that’s what we have been doing.
We have a chain of hotels which are registered with us, and here you get to check-in as per your suitability. You can simply book the room as per your convenience and move-in within 60 minutes. And above all this; you need to pay for the time you have stayed in. This micro stay can be due to hundreds of reasons. But all that matters at the end of the day is the fact that we owe you the best services even when it is a short stay or is a hotel by hour.
These hotels have been exclusively made safe for unmarried couples, students and of course the professionals. You can be wanderlust and might need Day use hotel or hotel for short duration, you can be a student who has to visit a city for examination for a couple of hours only, no matter what, our concept has been solely designed for someone like you.