Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ghanta Hotels ?

Ghanta Hotels is an android mobile application that enables people to book hotels near them in a go by hours or minutes.

How does it Work ?

Step 1: Find your hotel
With the android mobile application of Ghanta Hotels, you can find the hotels near your current location in an effortless manner.

Step 2: Set your time for check-in as well as your duration of stay
Once you choose the hotel based on your suitability, you can set the check-in time or even set the duration of your stay with us.

Step 3: Pay for the first hour of your stay
Now you are ready to make the payment for the first hour of your stay with us in the chosen hotel.

Step 4: Head to the hotel
You can simply head to the hotel to check-in as you have enough time, which is of 60 minutes complementary travel time.

Step 5: Check-in
You can simply check-in from the reception of the hotel, and can check-out in an easy manner when your duration is over.

Can I book in advance ?

No, Ghanta Hotels is an on-demand service and does not currently support advanced or scheduled bookings. We aim to have consistent availability throughout the day, so that you can confidently book at room and pay by minutes whenever you need.

When can I check in and check out ?

Unlike traditional overnight booking, there is no set check-in or check-out timings. With Ghanta Hotels, your room will be ready from the instant you tap Book Now on the app. Once you are set to leave the room after a pleasant stay, you can inform the reception and check-out effortlessly, as you have made prior payments.

In which cities I can find Ghanta Hotels?

Currently you can find us in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. Nonetheless, for your comfort, we are working rigorously for our expansion.

How much does it cost ?

Payment begins when you are given your key (after you check in), or 60 minutes after you book (after complimentary travel time ends), whichever comes first..
Rate: Guests are charged by the minute after the first hour.We also display what the minute rate comes out to by the hour to make it easier to estimate the cost for longer stays.Pricing varies based on the city you are booking in and the hotel's tier(Primary or Luxury).
GST: GST is a government mandated tax that varies based on the location of the hotel.

What is Required at Chek in ?

A valid government or state-issued photo ID will be required at Check-in.The minimum age is required to book a room is based on the hotel's specific age. Generally,you must be at least 18 years old to book a room,however,this age may vary by hotel.
Please check the specific policy of the hotel you plan to visit prior to booking.

How many Guests can spend a Ghanta or more in the same room ?

The maximum number of simultaneous guest in a single room is three.

How are the rooms cleaned ?

Ghanta rooms are cleaned to the exact same standards of a traditional full-day booking.


What payment types do you accept ?

Ghanta Hotels accepts credit cards/debit cards/net banking & Cash as acceptable forms of payment. We do not accept any form of prepaid cards.

How will the charge appear on my credit card & debit card statement ?

Charges will appear from Ghanta Hotels, however, not all card issuer display information in the same manner, so you may see variations.


Why was my account blocked ?

Accounts can be blocked for various reasons including potential, frequent booking and canceling, complaints from the hotel etc.