Grow your business with GhantaHotels

  • Despite 95% or even more occupancy, you can make a good profit owing to the hours when the rooms are vacant during the daytime. Check-outs made before time often leaves the rooms vacant and unutilized, but with Ghanta hotels even those rooms can help you get good revenue.
  • Depending on some of the factors like the hotel size and inventory allocation, you can surely add to your revenue. This addition could be close to 1 to 3% of earlier revenue or your regular revenue.
  • Customized Dashboards on the Ghanta hotel’s platform make it effortless for you to keep the record up-to-date on real time basis. Along with that, with the access of mobile and desktop you can be sure of accuracy and the efficiency of the data storage.
What is Ghanta Hotels ?

Ghanta Hotels is an android mobile application. It is used by corporate travelers, and influential locals to book hotel rooms instantly when required. They might need it to freshen up after a red eye, find a quiet place to work, squeeze in a workout, or have a home base between meetings.

Who is the Ghanta Hotels customer ?

Our customers are influential locals, corporate commuters and travelers, who are willing to stay and relax for a couple of hours in an economic yet premium room away from home.

Where is Ghanta Hotels currently available ?

Ghanta Hotels are currently available in Noida, Gurgaon & Delhi.

How does Ghanta Hotels work for customer ?

It is very similar to the process of booking an Ola/Uber Cab. As and when you need a room you can book it with the mobile application. The application shows you the nearby rooms as soon as you book it, you can check-in immediately. The check-in validity is for next 60 minutes. Additionally, you also get a free travel time of 60 minutes to reach your hotel. You can simply Pre-pay for the time you plan to stay, check-in like your usual hotels stays and check-out in an hassle-free manner.

Why do people use Ghanta Hotels ?

Customers use Ghanta Hotels for a quiet, clean & private place where they can take a nap, order room service, make a private call, or spend a Ghanta after or before meetings/events to freshen up. It is more comfortable and useful alternative than working from a coffee shop, fighting commuter traffic or freshening up in an office.

Can guests book a Ghanta Hotels in advance ?

No. Ghanta Hotels are booked in real-time and guests arrive within 60 minutes of booking made via app. We work with our hotels to ensure consistent availability, so that there is no need for our customers to book in advance.

How does the guest check out ?

Since the services are pre-paid, the checkouts are hassle-free. You can simply inform at the reception and can leave the room after your comfortable stay with us.

At what time during the day the rooms can be booked via Ghanta Hotel app?

Well, the booking can be made whenever you need, as the services are available round-the-clock. The maximum duration to avail the benefits is 12 hours and minimum is 1 hour.


My hotel runs a very high occupancy. Can I still use Ghanta Hotels?

A hotel can be at 100% occupancy and still have a 35% room vacancy during the day prior to the overnight guest's checks in. Many of our hotels that regularly run at 95% occupancy or above are making an additional six-figure profit using Ghanta Hotels.

How much can I increase my hotel's revenue by using Ghanta Hotels ?

Hotels can make anywhere from 1Lac - 12Lac or 1-3% boost in RevPAR per year in incremental revenue depending on hotel size and inventory allocation.

How do I manage my inventory on Ghanta Hotels ? Do I have control ?

Everything is done with the extranet, which includes the Dashboard as well as the mobile application provided to the hotelier. Each hotel can control their inventory manually, and can adjust their Room availability from the Dashboard in real-time.

How much does Ghanta Hotels cost for guests ?

The guest price per minute will vary, based on the city, category of the hotel chosen, peak time or surged demand of the rooms. One set rate, for example, is 300Rs/hour in New Delhi for a hotel.

How do I adjust room availability on the Ghanta Hotels app ?

Hotel managers will have a desktop and mobile access to the Ghanta Hotels' hotel Dashboard where they can manage room allocation.